An academic and social development program for outstanding basketball players.


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The Dream Chasers Program recruits top basketball players in the area, beginning at age ten. While the youth are selected due to their athletic ability, the program holds them to high standards in all areas of their lives.

The Dream Chasers program has two basic goals:

1. to help these youth become caring, responsible and productive citizens, and 

2. to ensure that all members take an academic step beyond high school.

Dream Chasers works with it’s members academically, socially, and athletically to ensure these goals are met.

Every graduate of the Dream Chasers Program has gone on to attend college or vocational training.  Alumni have carried their high standards, morals, work ethic, and positive attitudes on to institutions of higher learning, including: Morehouse College, Howard University, Rutgers University, Cornell University and the University of Delaware.